Preventing Warts

Here Are 5 Proven Steps To Protect Yourself From Getting Warts

1. Avoid Contact!

Don’t touch warts on yourself or others. That’s the very first measure.

Note: If you are about to get intimate with another person for the first time and recognize warts on their genitals, don’t proceed any further, abort the mission at once! Condoms protect you from STDs, but if it comes to warts they are not 100% reliable!

2. Don’t Share!

Next thing to consider: don’t share gloves, socks, shoes, razors, towels and other hygiene products with another person. This is not a selfish thing to do, if you or someone else you know has warts. Don’t feel bad about it! If you are the one who has warts, it’s your responsibility to contain the virus. Do your best to keep it from spreading and treat your warts right away.

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3. Avoid Walking Barefoot!

There’s nothing wrong about walking on the beach barefoot. However, you don’t want to walk barefoot in pool areas, public showers and changing rooms! You should always wear shower sandals in those places if you don’t want to risk to get infected! Wet surfaces are known to convey the virus, keep that in mind!

4. Avoid Irritation!

Make sure not to hurt your soles! Any scratches or other small injuries are spots where warts are more likely to grow.

5. Groom Yourself

Although it’s common sense it has to be said: take care of your hygiene. Always wash your hands after using public transportation and always wash your hands after using the restroom. It’s a good thing to carry a sanitizer on you. Bear in mind to keep your feet and armpits dry and clean.